Welcome to the future of human-machine interface technology.

Touchless, holographic controls offer a remarkably simple solution for businesses and institutions. And it’s as easy as passing a finger through a holographic image, floating freely in the air, of what would otherwise be a machine’s keys or buttons. You have to see it to believe it.

HoloTouch® holographic HMIs:
  • Provide an entirely touchless experience
  • Are impervioius to shock, dirt, and moisture
  • Eliminate hygiene issues
  • Last longer than conventional switches
  • Compare well with standard interface costs
  • Proven by our R&D to be easily and inexpensively customized to your products.
What is it? How can it be used? How does it work?
What does it cost? Where is it used? What are the benefits?

“A complex international banking thriller that keeps the pages turning.”
-Tim Green, New York Times Bestselling Author

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HoloTouch has settled its patent infringement litigation against Microsoft over HoloLens

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HoloTouch filed its first patent infringement complaint by suing Microsoft over HoloLens

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Creative Spark of HoloTouch® HMI Technology Captured by Invention Stories

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Company President’s Acclaimed Thriller, “Goshawk,” Featured at Penn Law Event

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