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Control Engineering Subscribers Choose BeamOne

Chicago, Illinois, March 8, 2005 – During award ceremonies held at the Peninsula Hotel in connection with National Manufacturing Week, Control Engineering’s Editorial Director, David Greenfield, announced that the fully functional, touchless holographic interface, BeamOne of HoloTouch, Inc. and Atlantex Corporation had been overwhelmingly chosen by subscribers of Control Engineering as “most innovative human-machine interface featured in Control Engineering during the past year.” Greenfield then presented a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award for 2004 to R. Douglas McPheters, President of HoloTouch, Inc.

BeamOne, using patented HoloTouch® technology, is seen by PCs as a keyboard and empowers operators to control equipment by simply passing a finger through holographic images of “keys,” floating in the air. The 1-inch square holographic “keys” appear several inches in front of the hardware. Software included with BeamOne allows keystrokes to be configured and saved to BeamOne. Power and communications are provided by the PC’s USB port, and sensors in BeamOne detect an operator’s interaction with the holographic images.

In accepting the prestigious Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award, McPheters commented: “we are grateful to the editors of Control Engineering for originally selecting BeamOne for its Editors’ Choice Award from among hundreds of products reviewed. We appreciate this recognition by the engineering community of the potential impact of our revolutionary interface technology, which we envision bringing to many sectors, including consumer electronics, gaming, industrial controls, kiosks and medical equipment, just to name a few. To hasten those applications toward production, we are offering our licensees the holographic and opto-electronic design and engineering services needed to efficiently prototype them.”

HoloTouch, Inc.
R. Douglas McPheters, President
Atlantex Corporation
John Breitenbach, President
Control Engineering
Mark T. Hoske, Editor-in-Chief

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About HoloTouch – Incorporated in Delaware in 2002 by entrepreneur and inventor R. Douglas McPheters, HoloTouch, Inc. is licensing its interactive holographic controls that float in thin air to manufacturers for specific applications that provide value. HoloTouch’s technology is protected by US Patent 6,377,238 and UK Patent No. 2292711, with additional patent applications pending in the United States and other major industrialized countries. HoloTouch is a registered trademark. For more information about HoloTouch technology, licensing opportunities and how HoloTouch can provide turnkey solutions for specific interface applications, please call 203.656.9686 or e-mail info@holotouch.com.

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