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HoloTouch Patent Issued by Canadian Patent Office

Darien, Connecticut, September 22, 2005 – R. Douglas McPheters, President of HoloTouch, Inc., announced today that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, an Agency of Industry Canada (office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada, un organisme d’Industrie Canada), has issued Canadian Patent No. 2,160,245, which validates, in Canada, the company’s claims to its basic touchless holographic actuation and control technology. HoloTouch® technology is already the subject of US Patent 6,377,238 and UK Patent No. 2292711, with additional patent applications pending in the United States and other major industrialized countries.

Reached at his Darien office, McPheters said: “the allowance of our Canadian patent application, resulting in the issuance of Canadian Patent 2,160,245, completes another step in our process of growing and strengthening our intellectual property portfolio and foreshadows development of Canadian markets for our products. As we design, engineer and manufacture specific devices utilizing our revolutionary technology, those advances will likely become the subject of additional patent applications, particularly in the case of devices showing wide commercial promise. In pursuing that objective, we offer the holographic and opto-electronic design, engineering and manufacturing services needed to rapidly ramp up new products using HoloTouch as well as the possibility of licensing our technology for specific applications to manufacturers who recognize the value it can bring to their products.”

McPheters also noted that the company’s fully functional touchless, holographic interface, BeamOne, available with USB and serial port as well as relay output, has been purchased by a number of leading OEMs including Daimler-Chrysler, DePuy (a Johnson& Johnson company), General Dynamics, Intel, Stryker and VW, in order to evaluate the possibility of integrating HoloTouch into their products.

BeamOne, shown at the left, projects 1- inch square floating holographic images of its “keys” several inches in front of the hardware. A standard PC sees BeamOne as a keyboard. This device is programmable and comes with all necessary software and the infrared sensors needed to detect an operator’s interaction with its floating holographic images as well as free support.

HoloTouch, Inc.
R. Douglas McPheters, President

About HoloTouch – incorporated in Delaware in 2002 by entrepreneur and inventor R. Douglas McPheters, HoloTouch, Inc. is licensing its interactive holographic controls that float in thin air to manufacturers for specific applications that provide value and providing the design, engineering and manufacturing services needed to provide turn-key solutions utilizing its revolutionary technology. HoloTouch technology is protected by US Patent 6,377,238, UK Patent 2292711 and Canadian Patent 2,160,245, with additional patent applications pending in the United States and other major industrialized countries. HoloTouch is a registered trademark. For more information about HoloTouch technology, licensing opportunities and how HoloTouch can provide turnkey solutions for specific interface applications, please call 203.656.9686 or e-mail info@holotouch.com.

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