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HoloTouch Wins Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award’s CQIA Innovation Prize

Darien, Connecticut, July 12, 2006 – Sheila Carmine, Founder and Executive Director of the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership (“CQIA”), has announced that HoloTouch, Inc., of Darien has been awarded a 2006 Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award’s CQIA Innovation Prize.

From her Stamford office, Ms. Carmine elaborated, “This year’s Gold CQIA Prize winners were selected from among 97 applicant companies involved in a wide variety of commercial and non-profit activities.” A panel of examiners, including senior executives of large and smaller companies, engineers, academics and medical professionals, evaluated all applications based on opportunity leveraged by the innovation, why the new product is innovative and results achieved. For 19 years, CQIA has recognized innovation, using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence criteria to advance incentive programs that improve quality, performance excellence and marketplace competitiveness. No Connecticut organization has ever won the national Baldrige Award, named after former Secretary of Commerce, Malcolm Baldrige, once a Connecticut CEO.

R. Douglas McPheters, President of HoloTouch, Inc., observed: “this award is an important recognition of the importance of our innovative technology. Receiving one of this year’s Gold CQIA Prizes will continue to motivate us as we grow our business and expand our franchise.” McPheters also pointed out that one example of an application of the company’s innovative technology, BeamOne, has been purchased by many leading OEMs to familiarize their engineers and product managers with its touchless controls, enhancing ease of operation while avoiding hygiene issues, durability because of no moving parts and protection from dirt, moisture and physical abuse encountered in workplaces worldwide since it can be completely sealed against the surrounding environment.

HoloTouch partners with interested OEMs to evaluate how HoloTouch® technology can best enhance their competitive positions in rapidly evolving markets. This is accomplished through combining the company’s recognized expertise in applying its revolutionary, touchless holographic control technology with each OEM’s detailed understanding of its own products and markets. The end result can significantly upgrade an OEM’s products by incorporating HoloTouch technology into its human-machine interfaces.

HoloTouch, Inc.
R. Douglas McPheters, President

About HoloTouch – incorporated in Delaware in 2002 by entrepreneur and inventor R. Douglas McPheters, HoloTouch, Inc. is partnering with interested OEMs to evaluate how best to combine use its interactive holographic controls that float in thin air in concert with the knowledge of those OEMs of their own products, to generate significant improvements in the competitive position of those OEMs. HoloTouch technology is protected by US Patents 6,377,238 and 7,054,045, UK Patent 2292711 and Canadian Patent 2,160,245, with additional patent applications pending in the European Union and other major industrialized countries. HoloTouch is a registered trademark. For more information about partnering with HoloTouch to bring its exciting technology to your HMIs with turnkey solutions, please call 203.462.3302 or send a message to info@holotouch.com.

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