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Touchless Switches using HoloTouch® Technology Installed at Yale-New Haven Hospital

Stamford, Connecticut, May 24, 2010 – R. Douglas McPheters, President of HoloTouch, Inc., announced today that Yale-New Haven Hospital (“YNHH”) has tapped Johnson Controls to install the company’s new SFS408 touchless, holographic switches in its York Street facility.

Shown at the right being operated by YNHH’s Physical Security Manager, Marvin L. White, this innovative device employs widely patented touchless, holographic HoloTouch® human-machine interface technology that allows people to intuitively operate controls by merely passing a finger through a holographic image floating freely in the air.

McPheters, a Yale College alumnus, noted: “bringing our touchless, intuitive control devices back to this forward-looking institution in New Haven is especially satisfying for me.” HoloTouch HMIs enhance durability because they have no moving parts to fail under use and neatly bypass hygiene issues in mission critical environments.

The largest hospital in Connecticut as well as New England, YNHH is a 944-bed tertiary referral center which includes Smilow Cancer Hospital, the 201- bed YNHH Children’s Hospital and the 76-bed YNHH Psychiatric Hospital. The primary teaching hospital for Yale Medical School, YNHH’s medical staff is enhanced by 471 supervised house staff physicians who add around-the-clock coverage and sharp inquisitive minds to patient care.

HoloTouch, Inc. licenses its HoloTouch technology for use in specific devices and offers design, engineering and manufacturing services needed to build prototypes of those devices.

Complimentary trial demonstration units of this touchless switch are available to qualified OEMs by request to newproducts@holotouch.com.

HoloTouch, Inc. is a Connecticut Technology Council and Fast Track company and has been repeatedly recognized by industry groups and publishers for its technological excellence, innovation and product development including readers and editors of Control Engineering, Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Connecticut Technology Council and International Hologram Manufacturers Association.

HoloTouch, Inc.
R. Douglas McPheters, President

About HoloTouch – incorporated in Delaware by entrepreneur and inventor R. Douglas McPheters, HoloTouch, Inc. licenses its patented technology for use in interactive holographic controls that float in thin air to manufacturers for specific applications. The company offers design, engineering and manufacturing services needed to provide turn-key solutions utilizing its revolutionary technology. For more information about HoloTouch technology, licensing and product opportunities and how HoloTouch can provide turn-key solutions for customized HMI applications, please call 203.588.9808 or write to info@holotouch.com.

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