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New Canadian Patent Caps HoloTouch, Inc.’s North American IP Portfolio

Stamford, Connecticut, April 18, 2012R. Douglas McPheters, President of HoloTouch, Inc. announced today that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, an Agency of Industry Canada (office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada, un organisme d’Industrie Canada) has issued Canadian Patent No. 2530987, which covers sophisticated improvements to the company’s broadly protected touchless holographic actuation and control technology.  Basic HoloTouch® technology is already the subject of U.S. Patent 6,377,238, U.K. Patent No. 2292711 and Japanese Patent 4130957.  This latest Canadian patent, along with U.S. Patent 7,054,045 and Australian Patent 20042580513, creatively addresses ways to reduce the size and shape of devices using HoloTouch technology to make them more compact, durable and easy to use, hence easier to use and less expensive to manufacture than analogous tactile controls.  The company has additional patent applications pending in the United States and other major industrialized countries.

Reached at his Stamford office, McPheters observed: “allowance of our latest Canadian patent application, resulting in the issuance of Canadian Patent 2530987, completes an important step in growing and strengthening our intellectual property portfolio and foreshadows development of Canadian markets for products using HoloTouch technology and those of Canadian exporters.  By devising ways to enclose all essential parts of any controls using HoloTouch technology inside a sealed enclosure, they’re more durable (no moving parts to fail under use or abuse) and without contamination transfer issues (nothing to actually touch in using them).  As part of our commercialization process, we license HoloTouch technology for use in specific devices and are moving toward manufacture and sale of a commercial version of a single-function switch (picture at the right).  A switch like this, which fits into a standard wall box and operates on 110 or 240 VAC, has been flawlessly opening doors at Yale-New Haven Hospital for nearly two (2) years in an area where hospital administrators tell us the tactile switches it replaced only last six to eight weeks before people destroy them through use or abuse.  To operate this switch and other controls using HoloTouch technology, people need only pass a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be the device’s buttons or keys, floating freely in the air at a convenient location.”

HoloTouch technology can be customized to controls in a variety of sectors including automotive, aviation, banking, consumer electronics, “factory floor,” food processing, games and gaming, medical and military, just to name a few.


HoloTouch, Inc.
R. Douglas McPheters, President

 HoloTouch, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware by entrepreneur, inventor and veteran R. Douglas McPheters. The company licenses its widely patented technology for use in interactive holographic controls that float in thin air to manufacturers for specific applications and offers design, engineering and manufacturing services needed to provide turn-key solutions utilizing its revolutionary technology.