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HoloTouch® HMI Technology’s Potential Explored at Augmented Realty Conference – Augmented Reality Mainstream by 2017

Raleigh, NC, August 22, 2013 – As an invited speaker, Michael Brown, owner of Incog Augmented Reality, informed an audience of game designers and animators about the importance of augmented reality in future mobile development.  “There will be 2.5 billion augmented reality applications downloaded by 2017”, Brown said.  He also went on to say, “As mobile devices get more powerful and efficient, augmented reality will become more prevalent.”

Mr. Brown also mentioned his research with HoloTouch, Inc.’s touchless, holographic switches:  “holographic technology could be a logical progression in the development of future user interfaces.  Basic switch design will mature and advanced features will become available.”

The quarterly Autodesk users conference, hosted by Breakiron Animation, featured speakers from Incog AR, Ubisoft / Red Storm and Imagineer systems .

Incog AR is a privately-owned Raleigh based augmented reality design firm.  Incog AR is certified by one of the largest worldwide AR technology companies, Metaio GmbH.

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     Michael Brown