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HoloTouch has settled its patent infringement litigation against Microsoft over HoloLens

Stamford, CT, July 26, 2018. HoloTouch, Inc.’s President, R. Douglas McPheters, announced: “Today we settled our patent infringement litigation against Microsoft in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on mutually satisfactory grounds. As part of this litigation settlement, HoloTouch, Inc. has granted a non-exclusive license and release to our touchless, holographic human-machine interface patents to Microsoft.

Many other companies and devices in a wide variety of industries appear to also be infringing our patents.

Our company’s technology enjoys patent protection in a wide range of commercial markets by virtue of issued patents in Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States and a pending patent application in the European Union, the latter offering potential coverage in 28 EU member states. Many businesses are using as well as making and selling products which involve interacting with holographic images of what would otherwise be keys or buttons of electronics or electro-mechanical devices to operate them. Without our consent, any of these activities violate our several issued patents and patents pending. In many cases, infringers of our patents have long been aware of our ownership and development of this technology, potentially subjecting them to enhanced damages in addition to regular financial penalties for patent infringement. Many infringers have signed confidentiality agreements with our company and been provided with in-person demonstrations of our innovative and fully tested technology.

Our company will vigorously pursue its statutory remedies against all who take advantage of our innovative technology without the compensation provided by law, particularly in light of current fascination with touchless, holographic controls and operation of devices using them across commercial spectra. Additional complaints against others’ infringing patents protecting our innovative technology are being prepared.”

For further information, visit the company’s Web site at www.holotouch.com or contact Doug McPheters at rdmcpheters@holotouch.com or by voice at 203.588.9808.
HoloTouch® technology and its sophisticated refinements are subject of Australia Patent 2004258513, Canada Patents 2,160,245 and 2,530,987, Japan Patents 4130957, 4741488 and 5113922, US Patents 6,377,238 and 7,054,045 as well as UK Patent 2292711. An additional patent application is pending in the European Union offering potential coverage in 28 EU member states. HoloTouch is also a registered trademark in the United States. The company’s intellectual property is fully protected in major commercial markets.

HoloTouch, Inc. is a Delaware, veteran-owned corporation with offices in Stamford, Connecticut.