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Complete description and specifications of this new switch are available by writing to newproducts

Qualified OEMs may request complimentary demonstration units of this new switch by writing to the same address.

About HoloTouch, Inc.

HoloTouch, Inc. is a veteran-owned Delaware corporation with its corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

HoloTouch, Inc. is working with manufacturers of ATMs, automotive equipment, aviation devices, consumer electronics, gaming equipment, home appliances, kiosks, leisure products, medical and military equipment  and office equipment to adapt our widely patented, innovative technology to touchless, intuitive controls it powers to their specific products, with no moving parts to fail under use or abuse, no contamination transfer or repetitive stress issues and a definite “wow” factor.

HoloTouch® HMI technology is protected by U.S. Patents 6,377,238 and 7,054,045, U.K.Patent  22929711, Canada Patents 2160245 and 2530987, Australia Patent 2004258513 and Japan Patents 4130957, 4741488 and 5113922.  HoloTouch HMI technology is also protected by patents pending in the European Union.  HoloTouch is registered as a trademark in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with respect to its licensing and design, engineering and manufacturing services.