Want to try HoloTouch yourself?

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How does HoloTouch® technology Work?

Here’s a simple explanation of how HoloTouch® human-machine interface (“HMI”) technology works:

HMIs using HoloTouch technology allow people to intuitively enter commands and data into a wide range of electronic equipment by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be buttons or keys of keypads, keyboards and other controls, floating in the air at a convenient location – intuitive, touchless controls. An infrared sensor detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies which command has been selected and transmits that selection to the device’s internal software, in much the same way as pressing a button on any ordinary device. Interfaces customized with HoloTouch technology provide output to USB, serial and other PC ports as well as relay output to other devices such as PLCs.  Increasingly sophisticated sensors, some capable of mapping multiple points on planes in space, combined with more creative hologram recording techniques, provide the simple and inexpensive basis for multiple “button” touchless, holographic HMIs such as the functional equivalents of keypads or touch screens but with no moving parts and nothing to actually touch in using them, providing “wow” and no contamination transfer.

Simplest application: a thin strip of plastic bearing embossed holographic images of buttons or control symbols, a light behind the plastic causing reproduced images to float in the air in front of the plastic and a sensor behind the plastic detecting users’ intuitive interaction with images of desired commands – “wow,” no contamination transfer and no moving parts to fail under use or abuse.