Want to try HoloTouch yourself?

Complete description and specifications of this new switch are available by writing to newproducts

Qualified OEMs may request complimentary demonstration units of this new switch by writing to the same address.

What does using HoloTouch® Technology Cost?

Our experienced engineering team works with OEMs to design and build prototypes of specific devices using our technology, to reflect desired look, feel and function.  We also work with OEMs on volume production as well as other creative ways to increase profit and consumer satisfaction by using HoloTouch HMI technology.

To encourage adoption of our revolutionary HoloTouch HMI technology, we offer complimentary use of demonstration units of our new touchless, holographic switch to qualified OEMs in America willing to return them at their expense.  We can often make similarly flexible arrangements with interested OEMs located outside the United States.

For OEMs interested in developing prototypes of specific devices by themselves using HoloTouch HMI technology, we offer short-term development licenses, on our customary licensing terms and for nominal monthly fees.

We emphasize licensing HoloTouch HMI technology for use in specific touchless, holographic  HMIs while supplementing OEM capabilities as needed with our design and engineering services for customization of prototypes.  In brief, licensing HoloTouch HMI technology involves the following factors:

All terms of licensing arrangements are subject to agreement between our company and any potential licensee, based on licensing agreements we make available  for licensee’s consideration.  Additional details are available to interested OEMs upon request.

For licensees of HoloTouch HMI technology, we also offer design, engineering and manufacturing services to supplement those otherwise available to them, provided on a fee-for-services basis and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.