Want to try HoloTouch yourself?

Complete description and specifications of this new switch are available by writing to newproducts

Qualified OEMs may request complimentary demonstration units of this new switch by writing to the same address.

Where is HoloTouch® technology used?

HoloTouch, Inc. has granted a non-exclusive license to its patents to Microsoft Corporation.

An SFS408 touchless, holographic switch using widely patented HoloTouch HMI technology successfully completed testing and evaluation with flying colors for more than three (3) years at Yale-New Haven Hospital (an affiliate of Yale University) in New Haven, Connecticut for door operation and security system applications, where durability and hygiene are critical issues.  Our switch replaced tactile door-opening switches (“paddle” switches with icons of wheelchairs) in an area where those tactile switches last only 6-8 weeks before failing from use or abuse.  By contrast, one SFS408 touchless, holographic switch faithfully opened doors for more than 3 years without replacement at Yale-New Haven Hospital.  More details.

An SFS408 touchless, holographic switch using HoloTouch HMI technology has also been installed and evaluated at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut.