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HoloTouch® Technology applied to your Product

HoloTouch human-machine interface (“HMI”) technology is almost infinitely flexible.  Our R&D has proven HoloTouch HMI technology can be simply and inexpensively customized to your specific device or equipment.

Here are just a few ways HoloTouch technology can enhance a wide variety of human-machine interfaces.


Ever more challenging and exciting AR and VR hardware that uses holograms to immerse you in unforgettable experiences for play as well as innovative workplace applications. Holographic images of what would otherwise be the buttons or icons of cell phones, PDAs, laptops, video games or hand-helds are combined with wave sensors scanning the plane of those images.  HoloTouch HMI technology enhances comfortable, reliable operation, where size of keypads and other tactile HMIs has shrunk below normal finger size, and continues to dwindle – no special gestures or words needed. With HoloTouch technology, images of keypads can be larger than the underlying hardware. Holographic images of the HMIs float freely in the air. An infra-red detector detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies the command selected and transmits it to the equipment.


Where computer keyboards and keypads are regularly subjected to contaminants, dirt, moisture or shock, whether on the factory floor, outdoors or in the military, HMIs using HoloTouch technology solve that problem by providing truly hardened controls. Controls using our patented technology have no moving parts and nothing to break. Holographic images of what would otherwise be keys or buttons of keypads or computer keyboards are projected into the air. An infra-red sensor detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies which command has been selected, and transmits that selection to the equipment, all in a unit which can be completely sealed against surrounding environments.


Because there’s nothing to actually touch when using our touchless, holographic HMIs, healthcare personnel gain direct, reliable and personal control of equipment in hygiene-critical environments.  Conventional tactile HMIs in healthcare settings must be operated by someone not “scrubbed up” because computer keyboards and key pads can never be effectively sterilized.  Also, ATM, kiosk and point-of-sale equipment subject to the onslaught of large numbers of consumers can be precisely operated using HoloTouch HMI technology without concern about secondary infection issues or worry about equipment’s being degraded by use or abuse. Holographic images of what would otherwise be keys of computer keyboards or keypads or icons on touch-screens can also be projected into the air at a convenient distance from the equipment. An infra-red detector notices the intrusion of a finger into the desired portion of those images, identifies which command selected, and transmits that information to the equipment and its display function.