Want to try HoloTouch yourself?

Complete description and specifications of this new switch are available by writing to newproducts

Qualified OEMs may request complimentary demonstration units of this new switch by writing to the same address.

HoloTouch Services

We offer OEMs written evaluations, without charge, explaining how easily and inexpensively our unique HoloTouch® touchless, intuitive, holographic control technology can be adapted to one of your devices. All you need to do is provide us a description of how you want that device to look, feel and function and be willing to answer some additional questions.

In addition, using our patented HoloTouch technology, we design, engineer and manufacture human-machine interfaces (“HMIs”) that exceed your distinctive expectations and anticipate the needs of your customers for superior performance at a competitive price. We can also license HoloTouch technology for use in specific types of HMIs. When needed, we supplement your capabilities with our talent for rapidly designing and manufacturing prototypes.

Working with customers to develop specifications describing how they want their devices using HoloTouch technology to look, feel and function, we manufacture and deliver those devices under contract with them.

A recent product of our R&D is our innovative touchless, intuitive holographic switch (shown below). This switch fits into a standard NEC wall box, operates on 110 or 240 VAC and actuates devices drawing up to 8A. This unit provides a practical demonstration of the physical principles of HoloTouch technology and shows how easily and inexpensively our technology can be adapted to specific HMIs. Measuring 5.25″ x 3.5″ x 2.82,” this touchless switch has no moving parts to fail under use or abuse and is operated by simply passing a finger through the full-color holographic image floating in its cavity (an ordinary picture doesn’t accurately depict a holographic image).  There are no practical barriers to integrating our patented touchless, holographic control technology into a wide variety of HMI applications in automotive, banking, factory-floor, gaming, kiosk, leisure, medical, military, personal and home electronics and toy products, just to name a few product sectors.

Our company offers all holographic and opto-electronic design, engineering expertise and manufacturing services needed to develop prototypes of HMIs using our patented technology in a wide variety of electronic human-machine interfaces.

Contact Information

Call 203.588.9808 to learn more about satisfying your customer’s unique needs or inquire through info@holotouch.com to receive a complimentary and prompt evaluation as well as any additional information you may need.